A Picturesque Engagement Session In Cayey

Photographer:  Shaggy Del Valle

Photographer: Shaggy Del Valle

We are also keeping an eye out for great love stories to share with you guys. About a months ago we spotted these stunning engagement photos on the Instagram account of photographer Shaggy Del Valle, and we knew we had to publish them! As always, the photos were a true representation of the love story that went along with them. 

Mariann and Raymond met when they were just 15 years old, and all it took was a picture for Raymond to fall in love. 

From the Bride-to-Be: I met Raymond through my sister, who went to school with him. My sister had taken some of my portfolio pictures to school to show to some of her girlfriends and as soon as Raymond saw one of them, he ripped it from her hands. He immediately told her "she will be my future girlfriend" and refused to return the picture until he met me in person. A few days later I went to one of his basketball tournaments and went up to him to introduce myself and ask for my picture. To my surprise he actually had it with him! After that, we became inseparable and dated all through our early high school years. 

We broke up once he received a basketball scholarship to a school in Miami and I stayed in Puerto Rico. Seven years later we ran into each other and it was like we had never been apart, and we have been together ever since. 

After asking Mariann's parents for her hand in marriage, Raymond proposed in front of friends and family. What Mariann thought was a simple dinner date turned out to be the best night of her life. She of course said Yes! and now they are planning their dream wedding and happily ever after.