A Bold and Dramatic Wedding At Antiguo Casino

Photographer: Pablo Diaz

Photographer: Pablo Diaz

Happy Monday My Darlings! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are ready for a little wedding eye candy. I am obsessed with the colors of this wedding! The bride decided to go against all the typical wedding colors and think outside the box, making black the star of the night. 

Viviana and Efrén met on a random night out. Viviana didn't want to go out, but thankfully her friends convinced her, little did she know that night, at a random bar, she would meet her future hubby. 

From the Bride...Efrén and I met on a Wednesday night that I did not want to leave my apartment, but at the insistence of a couple of friends of mine, I was convinced to go for a walk and went to a bar near my apartment in Guaynabo which I did not frequent. Who would have thought that the love of my life would be there! That night we talked about work and it turned out that we were working in the same industry and that kept the conversation going all night. At the end of the night Efrén drove me back to my apartment and as fate would have it I left my umbrella in his car. A week later he texted me to see when we could meet so he could return it. We exchanged a few texts and I ended up inviting him to a basketball game, but not as a date, simply as friends. That night we had a great time and learned how much we had in common, however I was leaving on a trip a few days later and we didn't see each other for a month. While I was away it just so happened that it was his birthday, and I texted him to congratulate him, he was surprised that I actually had remembered and taken the time to write. 

We spent the next six months getting to know each other, going to dinners, dancing, even ignoring each other from time to time to keep things interesting. One day he asked me to pick him up from the airport after a trip to visit his brother, when he was in the car he looked at me and said, "I have to tell you something, I have come to realize that I want a partner who will always be with me, and I don't want to lose you". Little that I know that during those six months he had stoled my heart, even my friends and family would tell me I would glow when I was around him. 

After four wonderful years I was ready to get engaged and even though he was ready as well, he wanted to get a few things in order. I am not the easiest person to surprise, especially since I was always looking for clues to see if he was about to propose, but since he knew that he made sure to be extra sneaky.  While on vacation in Orlando two years ago, the day before Three Kings we had a party at our apartment and when I least expected it, Efrén got down on one knee and proposed. I would like to tell you what went through my mind, but I would be lying, in that moment there is so much emotion, happiness and joy, it so surreal that you don't even think, all I can tell you is that I was in total bliss!

Photographer: Pablo Diaz Photography | Videographer: Alex Treviño | Planner: Maite Canela | Dress: Harry Robles | Shoes: Sergio Rossi | Hair and Makeup: Raul Collazo | Church: Parroquia San Jorge | Ceremony Music: Soprano Ann Marie Salichs | Reception Venue: Antiguo Casino de Puerto Rico | Reception Music: Madera Viva, Orquesta Keme Gusta , SP2 , DJ Ghandi and DJ King Arthur | Decor: Akua | Lighting: Music Factory | Cake: C&M Cake Designers | Invitations: Go Print | Photo Booth: Lab 787