Engagement Wednesday: Sasha Stephanie Martinez and Arnaldo Javier Ortiz

 Photo by: Naiky Cabrera

Photo by: Naiky Cabrera

It's Wedding Wednesday, which means its time for some engagement stories and fairytale endings! We are starting things off with the engagement story of Sasha and Arnaldo. 

These cuties who have know each other basically all their lives (they met when they were 13!) had an uber romantic proposal. After 8 years of dating, Javier knew it was time to pop the question, so after speaking with Sasha's parents and getting their blessing, Javier embarked on planning the perfect night. He decided to plan everything around Sasha's birthday, and put together the ultimate surprise getaway weekend. 

From the Bride-to-Be...I knew nothing about where we were going for the weekend, it was all a surprise. On our way, he started to give me hints on our getaway. He first told me we were going to a beautiful location in Isabela, which is my favorite town, my go to town when I want to relax and have fun. Later he told me, he arranged for a dinner by the beach, since we are both beach lovers and he knew that I would speechless with that kind of surprise. We hade a 7 course meal by the beach. As soon as we arrive at dinner Champagne (which is my favorite drink) was already chilling and waiting for us. Food was delicious, at least for me because he couldn't eat a complete course during our dinner. He then had a bonfire set up, in front of our dinner setting. We sat to enjoy the bonfire in beach benches, and started talking. He starts his speech for me, while I hear a violin, also my favorite instrument, playing in the background. With the violin playing he got down on one knee and popped the question. Javi even arrange for a photographer, Naiky Cabrera, to be hidden near by in order to capture the entire moment. After we cried and laughed of happiness, I started hearing clapping and cheering... Another surprise!!!!! Both our families and our best friends were there during the complete proposal. He had arranged an engagement party with the most important people in our lives and made them part of the process. It was the most beautiful, perfect night filled with love from beginning to end.

Here is to the wonderful memories that are still to come!