A Meaningful Growth Planner

Hello Lovies and Happy Thursday, the weekend is just around the corner!

As you already know we are huge fans of #GirlBosses everywhere, but even more when they are from Puerto Rico. Zahira Domenech, is the owner and founder of Eventus by Zahira, Zahira Signature Brands and Sparkle and Bliss. She manages all three companies while still being an amazing mommy and newlywed, now thats what we call a superwoman! If that all wasn't enough she just launched her first product, “The Meaningful Growth Planner”, a planner she created herself and has been using since 2013. It has helped her so much, she decided to share it with the world and help everyone create some meaningful growth in their lives. We had a chance to sit down with Zahira and learn a little bit more about the planner and the inspiration behind it.  "I got inspired by women that dream big. The beautiful and confident woman who knows she can accomplish anything in her life. The woman that knows her value is not on the opinion of others, but instead its within herself, her passions and her drive." says Zahira. "I got inspired by the word Meaningful, because that is my goal in the end, to create Meaningful Growth in my life and business.    I want that help people create something with a purpose and that means something in their lives. My goal is to create products with a purpose that can help others to accomplish great things in life."

The Meaningful Growth Planner is a fun and stylish goal setting and daily agenda for a women that wants to be organized in her daily to-do's, and also moving forward with her personal goals in every area of her life. The Work Pages are designed to help you focus on what is most important to you; balancing career, family time, personal time and giving you the necessary tools to be productive into reaching your goals. Conveniently, the agenda covers 12 undated months. It also features a wire-o binding and protective corners in fancy gold color. They can be purchased on ZahiraDomenechShop.com, are $35 each and come in three different cover options. 

Each cover has a different meaning and inspiration behind it:

Floral Kari is inspired by the love of flowers Zahira and her project manager, Karisha Perez, share. They both love fashion, bright colors and floral design. The actual design was inspired by a skirt Karisha wore to last years Sparkle and Bliss. From that came both the name and the design. It's also a tribute to all the years of business and friendship that Karisha and Zahira share. 

Gold Tie is inspired by the relationship she shares with her hubby JR as she lovingly calls him. From the beginnings of their relationship he has always been a true gentleman. From formally asking her to be his girlfriend, to opening doors, he has always been caring, romantic and respectful. He is also a huge fan of bow ties. So this cover truly represents him. 

Tropical Glam draws its inspiration from some of Zahira's favorite places. Her previous home in which she lived in for 14yrs in Guaynabo City and The Beverly Hills Hotel in California. Both places have a tropical vibe with a touch of glam. The banana leaf is the perfect representation of that cool, sexy vibe. 


The planner is divided into three phases, each helping you to organize yourself for a year of goal setting and achievement in order to create some Meaningful Growth. "When I say Meaningful Growth, I mean that I hope our systems, pages, videos and everything that is inside of this planner can help you to get to the core of what you want in life. For example, I plan beautiful weddings, not only because I want success in my life or because weddings are pretty. I plan weddings because I want my clients to get to know our beautiful island with an extraordinary experience of happiness. I plan weddings because I want to inspire clients to not put so much energy on the big day, but to use that energy to create a beautiful marriage. I just hope the pages in our planners help them build a foundation in their life that is based on love, purpose, self love, confidence, faith and consistency.

Phase One of the planner is "New Beginning" where you will create strategies to help you build a foundation and goals for every month. Some of the things you will work on is facing your fears, creating new habits and learning from your past mistakes. 

Phase Two has monthly and weekly action plans to keep you organized and help you achieve those goals you have set for yourself. Taking small steps every day and more helpful that trying to take giant leaps. In the pages of the planner you will have space to plan your meals, to do list, space for new ideas, celebrate your progress and accomplishments. Its the perfect combination of a journal and planner all in one.  

Phase Three will have you looking back at everything you have accomplished and how many of those goals you have reached. Typically at the end of the year people tend to start thinking ahead for the next year, but sometimes its good to sit back and celebrate everything that you have accomplished. 

With success comes knowledge and at the same time a whole new set of goals to accomplish. Zahira's hope is that this planner helps guide you in the right direction to achieving all those goals and dream. "My advice to anyone who purchases the planner is to have confidence in what they want in life, understand that a personal business is a long term commitment and you have to be consistent, and never, ever compare yourself to others. Never, ever try to be like someone else, because you would lose the only one thing that you really have and that is you! Your personality, your strengths, your voice and your uniqueness are what will make you succeed. Never, ever let your ego get in your way and never, ever give up."

As Zahira would say, "Consistency + Faith = Success"