Spread the Love: Flores Que Sanan

A wedding is the perfect event to bring friends and family together, celebrate love and new beginnings. What if the love shared at a wedding event could be spread even wider? Well now it can. 

The fabulous team behind Por Amor, a organization which works with ill children, battered women and the elderly has started an inspiring new initiative in Puerto Rico called "Flores Que Sanan". Their goal? To spread a little happiness and cheer to those who are suffering from grave illnesses by brightening up their day with some flowers. 

How does it work? Brides, coordinators or decorators can get in contact with their team and after a wedding or event they will come to your location and pick up all the left over flowers that would otherwise be thrown out. After they collect the flowers they divided them into smaller arrangements and deliver them to a local hospital, elderly home or hospice facility. There the flowers are divided amongst the patients and staffing corners. It's amazing to see how even such a small detail can truly change someones day. Some of these patients spend their says in treatment or alone, and making them smile, if even for just a second truly is priceless. 

Want to donate flowers from your event, or volunteer to help with the program? Contact Por Amor via their Facebook Page here

Ruth FonsecaComment