Wedding Vendors We Love: Vanessa Velez Photography

Hello my darlings! Welcome to our new series, Wedding Vendors We Love. Every month we will feature new wedding vendors in Puerto Rico and get to know a little bit more about them. 

First up? My dear friend Vanessa Velez. When I started this blog she was one of the first vendors to reach out to me and support my idea. From website design, to wardrobe choices for photo shoots, Vanessa has been there the whole time cheering me on. 

Vanessa has been shooting weddings for 9 years. With a major in Advertising and Public Relations, it all started after an internship in marketing at the NY Institute of Photography. She was in charge of that year's photo contest and she got to see some amazing work from photographers from all over the world. Seeing so much beauty and passion inspired her to do the same. She had always loved photography, and her now hubby was getting his degree in Commercial Photography at the time, match made in heave right? So little by little she learned the technical aspects of shooting film and digital. Once she got the chance to shoot her first wedding, the rest was history. 

To this day she has done over 280 weddings (and counting!). Her work is characterized by their romanticism and light. "I would describe my style as editorial, romantic and luminous. I shoot images with light, movement and emotions, I love to be able to tell the story of the day and I curate every image I give to my clients", says Vanessa.

Vanessa, who currently calls Miami home, still travels back to Puerto Rico on a monthly basis for weddings on the island. When asked what her favorite wedding venue in Puerto Rico is, she will immediately tell you Hotel El Convento. "To me there is no place like it on the Island, nestled between Old San Juan and surrounded by the beautiful pastels of the historic city, it truly is a beautiful venue. It is so rich in history, the colors of the hotel inside are simply beautiful. Apart from that, their service is amazing towards clients and vendors, and that to me is priceless." 

Vanessa is one of those people who will always have a smile for you. She is kind, humble, driven and most importantly, passionate about what she does. You can see her love for what she does on every image she takes, and that's what makes each one of them priceless. 

 Photographer: Vanessa Velez

Photographer: Vanessa Velez

Now to the fun part, we wanted to know a few more fun facts about Vanessa so we asked her 5 rapid fire questions, and here is what she had to say. 

If you weren't a photographer what would you be?

Funny question. I am a wedding photographer but I am also a Branding and Business Strategist. I help creative businesses hone down on their branding, niche and marketing. But, in another life...I would have totally been a Movie Trailer Editor. 

Beach Wedding or Ballroom Wedding?

Neither...I like Off the Beaten Path Weddings. 

Glam Chic or Boho Chic?

Glam Chic

If you could visit any place in the world tomorrow, where would you go?

Anywhere in France

When you are not shooting weddings, what are you most likely doing?

In my low season you can find me traveling, going on ice cream dates with my daughter and going through my Kindle Unlimited subscription. 

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