Save The Dates, Yay or Nay?

You are engaged and your wedding planning is officially underway, its time to let your friends and family know about the big day! One of the first steps? Sending your Save-The-Date cards. This is a pre-invitation which will let your guests know the wedding date, and let them know to mark the date on their calendars. Clients always have so many questions about Save-the-date etiquette, so here are some answers to some of the most asked questions:

Should You Send A Save-the-Date?

If time allows it, YES, especially if you are hosting a destination wedding. Weekend long affairs are becoming more and more popular, sending a Save-The-Date allows for your guests to plan accordingly and know what to expect for your event. If you are getting married during a holiday weekend, its also crucial to send one, as most people will make plans for these with months in advanced. If you are hosting an intimate gathering, it might not be 100% necessary, however its still nice to give your guests a heads up. However, if you are getting married withing 5 months, skip the Save-the-Date and go straight for the wedding invite! Between travel arrangements and busy schedules, sending a save-the-date will increase guests' chances of attending your celebration. And that's the goal, right?

When Should You Send Them?

If you are having a destination wedding 8 months prior to the wedding is ideal, if you are staying local I would suggest 6 months. You want to give guests enough time to book their travel (if necessary), save a bit of cash and ask for any days off needed. Don't send them to early, or guests can forget. But as mentioned before if you are getting married withing the next 5months, go straight for the wedding invitation!

Do You Need to Sent them to Everyone?

Send your Save-The-Date only to the people you want to attend the wedding. Once you send them a Save-The-Date you have to send them a wedding invation, no take backsies! If there is someone who you are still not sure of, wait to send them the formal invitation. 

What Information Should You Include?

Keep in mind that you are still in the early stages of wedding planning, so you might not have all the deets yet. Keep your Save The Dates simple, date and location (if you dont have the exact venue, include the city and state), if you have a wedding website this would also be helpful, but not necessary. Do not request for an RSVP as this is not necessary, remember that they will receive a formal invitation down the line. 

Do Your Save the Dates Have to Match your wedding them?

Not necessarily, however it should stay in line. If you are hosting a formal event, I would't suggest a virtual Save-The- Date. However, this is the time to be playful and show your personalities as a couple. There are some great ideas for fun and creative Save-The-Date that will get your guests excited for the big day!

Speaking of fun Save-The-Dates, our friend Miss Lluvia Con Sol decided to DIY hers and come up with a super adorable concept. Here she explains how she made them!

Lets see, I'm about 80 days away from my wedding date so you know everything's a whirlwind right now. I keep forgetting little details and writing everything down. Its very scary but exciting at the same time. But you know what has been the funnest thing in this process? Doing my save the dates!

I wanted to do something different so I did a little internet research and found an idea that I loved. Initially I didn't know if I was gonna have time to send "save the dates" because according to etiquette there's a certain time frame before sending the actual wedding invitations that you have to send them in. But since I changed my wedding date, I was able to do (and send) my save the dates (yay!).

They're kinda DIY save the dates. I wanted a personalized balloon that you had to inflate to know all the wedding details. First order of business was finding the balloons that I wanted. Like everything else wedding related, I found them at Etsy. The lady was super nice and after three trials we agreed on the design. 

Next up, the actual invitation or card to hold the deflated balloon. Abby (she's making my wedding invitations) gave me the idea of tying and taping the balloon to the card in such a a way that it would stay straight up, and look more esthetically pleasing. Once that was done all I had left to do was fill up the balloons. I first tried with to fill them with normal confetti (which did not look appealing) then round shaped tissue confetti (that didn't work) and finally I used gold metallic shiny paper that looked just right.  

Once everyone got their save the date's they sent me pictures & videos of them inflating the balloon which was the greatest thing ever. It made me very happy that they could somehow have fun or play with my save the date. I definitely had a blast doing them and for you brides out there that are on the fence about doing save the dates I say DO IT. But make it yours and if you have time, personalize them and have fun with it.