Tips on How to Choose Your Wedding Colors & Theme

Photo by: Vanessa Velez

Photo by: Vanessa Velez

Hello my loves, we are back with a new installation of our collab with bride-to-be, Melissa aka Miss Lluvia con Sol. On today's post we are discussing some things to keep in mind when deciding on your wedding theme and/or overall decor. As always, we are hearing from the bride herself and I share my insider tips. Enjoy!


I've had always imagined or fantasized getting married during the winter. The idea of having my wedding on Or around Christmas was my dream. I imagined the church beig full of poinsettias, pine tress and little lights, and I always tought of having some sort of "winter wonderland" theme at my reception. But alas, I'm getting married in June, meaning summer thus, no Christmas anything on my actual wedding. So when deciding on themes and color the season always has to be taken into consideariotn, not only for decoration but also for the weather and other things.

Insider Tip: Keeping your wedding season in mind when choosing a theme is crucial. As Miss Lluvia mentioned, if you are getting married in June, but want a Holiday theme it might be quite hard to source most of your items as they won’t be readily available. However, don’t feel like you need to stick to a specific color theme because of a season. Darker colors can be used in the summer, just as lighter hues can be used in the fall. As we have mentioned in previous posts, make sure to do your research when choosing your wedding season, because if you want a specific flower, you need to make sure they will be available for your date. 


For me this is the most importan one out of all the items on this list. You have to alway keep in mind your and your fiancees lifestyle: thing you like to do, your hobbies, what really interest the both of you so that the theme of the wedding makes sense to both of you. For example: lets say you and ypur fiancee are a very modern forward thinking couple. And you decide to choose old school vintage decor for tour wedding. Now that would make for an interesting topic of conversation for all your wedding guest on your wedding day and makes absolutely no sense as to who you both are.

Insider Tip: Your wedding will give your guests a glimpse into your personal life as a couple, it will also give them a small preview of what your entertaining styles are like. Make sure to include elements that represent you, and things you like to do together. I had a client that loved riding bicycles, so we incorporated bicycle wheels into the centerpieces, place cards, etc. If you are both very eclectic, go with bold colors that represent your personalities. If you love to travel, consider incorporating the names of your favorite cities as table names. If you are a modern couple, consider a white palette with clean lines. Whatever you do, make sure its a true representation of you both!

Type of wedding

Here's the part where I write about formalities, ettiquete and so on. This is where you need to listen and apply your mothers advice and let her just roll with it. 

There's different types of weddings and theres a specific dress code to follow for each one of them: casual, semiformal, formal, black tie etc...if your having a wedding with the most formal of dress code (white tie) then your wedding's them & decoration cant be simulating an outdoor picnic with plastic tablecloths. The dress code you set goes with the occasion, so if you decide the dress code for your wedding is going to be a formal one then your wedding theme should go in perfect harmony with that.

Insider Tip: This part is super important, if you are having a formal wedding you need to make sure your theme matches. If you are having a formal black tie event, a beach theme might not be the best choice. Before you decided on your “type of wedding” make sure you have discussed what you envision for your decor. If you have your wedding in an opulent ballroom with over the top decor, but then tell your guests the dress code is “casual”, they will feel extremely underdressed when they arrive. Also remember that in most occasions, the more formal the affair, the more expensive the decor. 


There's a perfectly logical reason behind location being the las thing on this list. More often than not, you don't have decided on a venue before even thinking about the decor or theme. For those lucky ones that already have chosen their venue, then this one is not a problem for you. Basically, it all boils down to your decor has to go hand in with your venue.

Insider Tip: When deciding on your decor, make sure you think of the overall space and layout. You want to make sure your decor makes in your venue. If you have low ceilings, I would suggest staying away from tall centerpieces because they will make the space look smaller. However if you have an open space with high ceiling I would suggest during larger centerpieces to fill up the space. Also consider using a variety of table shapes; long, round, square, and having a different centerpiece on each type of table. Its important to create dimension in the room and not have everything look the same.