Engagement Wednesday: Lianne Feliciano and Waldemar Pérez

Photography by: Jay Sierra Hello Darlings, hope your week is going great. Just in case you need a mid week pick me up, we got you covered with today's swoon worthy proposal!

Lianne and Waldemar met last year at a Jehovah Witness convention at El Coliseo Roberto Clemente. Let's go down memory lane as Lianne explains how it all happened "Waldemar is from Morovis and I am from Guaynabo, so if it were not for this event we would have never met! As he tells me, I was in the hall talking to some friends and he saw me and asked the friend he was with if he knew me. To his good fortune (and mine), his friend did in fact know me and introduced us. Waldemar says that since the moment he saw me he was interested, after that we kept in touch. In September, after I returned from a  three week long trip to China, Waldemar told me how he felt for me over dinner at a restaurant in Old San Juan and I told him I felt the same way"

By that November they were officially a couple. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when Waldemar took Lianne to dinner at Cucina di Ivo in Old San Juan. When they arrived the restaurant was empty, at first she thought they were early for their reservation, but little did she know her life was about to change. Lianne explains "When we arrived there was a guitar laying on the floor next to a dinner menu. Waldemar said: "Look Lianne they have a guitar" and took it in his hands. Here I am thinking it belongs to the restaurant, I say, "Don't take it, it's not yours ... we will get in trouble!" Waldemar proceeds to grab the guitar, looks at me and starts singing the most perfect song in the world, a song that he composed specifically for this occasion. There we were standing in the middle of the courtyard of the Cucina di Ivo and I knew what would happen next. When I thought things couldn't get any better out of the corner of the restaurant all our friends and family start to walk in. I could not distinguish who was who until the end because I couldn't keep my eyes off of Waldemar throughout the entire song. With tears in my eyes and laughter in the air the 3 minute song seemed to be never ending, because from the first chord I knew I would say YES!"

Not only did Waldemar plan the most amazing proposal ever but he also made sure to have someone on hand to capture it all. These pictures from Jay Sierra bring Lianne's dream proposal to life...

Photography by: Jay Sierra Photography by: Jay Sierra Photography by: Jay Sierra Photography by: Jay Sierra Photography by: Jay Sierra Photography by: Jay Sierra Photography by: Jay Sierra Photography by: Jay Sierra Photography by: Jay Sierra