What is a Trunk Show?

D'Royal Bride Hi Lovies! The week is almost coming to an end and today we wanted to share some helpful information for brides who are currently looking for the perfect wedding dress. Designers just presented their latest collections during NYC Bridal Week, during the shows they debuted their collections amongst the top editors and buyers in the industry. Typically after the bridal shows what is known as "buying season" and "trunk shows" begins. A lot of you might not be familiar with industry lingo and might not be sure to what this refers. So to explain a little more about what a Trunk Show is we reached out to the newly appointed Director of Sales and Marketing from D'Royal Bride, Andrea Damaris Santiago. Here is what she had to say...

Let's start with the basics, a 'Trunk Show "is not a fashion show! "Trunk" means chest. This originates from a time when designers did not own shops, so they would fill their trunks and go around the city to visit customers and show their designs each season. Today the dynamic is a little different, designers organize private showings at the top boutiques, allowing customers and private clients an exclusive look at their collection before its in stores. 

D'Royal BrideThis very popular in the US, used only by the top boutiques and those working with international exclusive designers. They typically are invite only or require private appointments to be made. They are not only limited to dress designers, but also jewelry and accessory designers are also known to host trunk shows. 

At D'Royal Bride we do not receive trunks, we get magic boxes from UPS or FedEx (LOL). We get so excited every time we get a shipment, imagine: the most anticipated styles of the season are here in our hands. When we host a trunk show we ensure to go all out, styles are displayed through out the store, and sometime we bring in models to showcase the pieces. We make sure to make it a unique experience for our clients. 

The key to trunk shows is that it's the only chance you will get to see the entire collection from a specific designer as most boutiques will not end up carrying the entire collection, but a select amount of the dresses. Some trunk shows also offer the opportunity to get that dress of your dreams for a discounted price!

We will be hosting our next "Trunk Show" on May 14th through 16th when we will have the latest collection from Israeli designer BERTA. Make sure to call us to make your appointment at our San Juan Boutique (Suite 1012 Ave. F.D. Roosevelt). Call: 787-781-3162 or droyalbride@hotmail.com for an appointment or more information.

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