"Montage", A Unique Journey in Luxury Design

Photo by: Karina Margary Hello Lovies!

I know it has been a while, but we have been busy putting together the finishing touches on our new website and finalizing the details of our launch party later this month. We have a lot of exciting projects coming up!

But lets talk about the event that was the talk of the industry last week. The Luxury event design and planning firms AKUA and The Lounge presented their event "Montage" amongst a Who's Who of the Puerto Rico, US and Caribbean wedding industry at The Antiguo Casino of Puerto Rico. In an event that was unlike any other, guests where transported into a world full of color, magic and fantasy, with each room in the historic venue bringing to life a unique theme.

The event marked the beginning of a new era for AKUA and The Lounge, who are expanding their services outside of Puerto Rico. "We are honored to bring the talent of our island to other markets through creative solutions and the services we offer. Just like other artists have expanded their talents outside of the island, our work begins to open the way from Puerto Rico to the US, and that helps the economic development of our country, "said Rafael Lopez Rivas, President of The Lounge.

Each room at "Montage" created a different ambiance for guests to experience. Those that stood out the most where the main entrance, "Celebration", which set the mood for the night. The "Blue London Bar" transported guests to the dark, moody, trendy bars in London, while the "Manhattan Club" on the second floor made guests feel like they were in the city that never sleeps. Other vignettes that stood out were "The Greenhouse", "Blogger's Suite" and our personal favorite, "Boda Florentina" which was breathtaking because of its exotic flowers, elegant white decor and over the top elements.

AKUA counts with over 25 years of experience, while The Lounge will soon celebrate its 7th anniversary. "We are a great team. The vendors, employees and collaborates that are here with us today, are an integral part in allowing us to provide an exceptional product to our clients. At the same time, our clients are a vital part of our success, because they trust us with their events and we forever grateful to them. This is why we celebrate with them this event and we are beyond honored of the support they have give us", said Javier Martinez, President of AKUA.

Photo by: Karina MargaryPhoto by: Karina Margary

Photo by: Karina Margary Photo by: Karina Margary Photo by: Karina Margary Photo by: Karina Margary Photo by: Karina MargaryPhoto by: Karina Margary

All photos by: Karina Margary