Sexy Little Nothings

Hi Lovies! Can’t believe this first edition of our online magazine has become a reality. When I started the blog a little over a year ago I had so many ideas and dreams that I thought were just that...dreams. But with each passing day more and more of those dreams are becoming a reality. For our first issue we wanted it to be all about luxury and sex appeal. So we came up with the concept of “Sexy Little Nothings”. Your wedding night is one of the most memorble nights of your life and you want to feel sexy, gorgeous and desired. On the next few pages we present to you some of the most sensual, yet elegant lingerie pieces out there.

I want to thank my amazing team on this editorial piece:

Photographer: Vanessa Velez /  Model: Hiralys Hernandez, G Models / Stylist: Mr. Padró / Hair and Makeup: Arquímides Gonzalez / Location: The O:live Boutique Hotel / Flowers: Intic. A special thanks to Nordstrom Puerto Rico for all the lingerie and shoes, Elda Samano from Isabella Bride for the veils and wedding dresses and to Elaine Moreira for giving us an exclusive look at her new Bridal Jewelry Collection!

Always remember that the sexiest thing in a woman is her confidence. No matter your shape or size if you have the confidence you can make even a piece of cloth look sexy!

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