Wednesday Crush: The Confetti Bar


Who doesn't love confetti? Its the perfect party detail for any event. Whether you’re looking for a full on confetti bar for tossing or favors (like a candy bar, but with confetti!) or just for adding some decorative touches, custom confetti can be a fun way to add some personalized flair to a special day.

This is why we are obsessed with The Confetti Bar! They offer customized confetti for any occasion, they can do shapes, words, different colors, even logos! We love this as fun way of adding a unique customized flair to your big day.

They sell them by the cup and offer 3 packages:

$15 a cup: Custom ColorsRough cut paper, metallic bits, tissue paper, sequins, etc. No special shapes, just colors

$20 a cup: Custom Colors & Simple ShapesMix of custom colors and simple shapes - stars, hearts, solid custom shapes with simple designs, etc.

$25 a cup: Custom Colors & Logos / Dates / WordsMix of custom colors, simple shapes, and more complicated designs such as logos / names / words / dates / etc. *(approx. 10 pcs of detailed custom words/logos per cup)

Check out their Instagram and Blog for some samples of their custom work.

Ruth FonsecaComment