Engagement Wednesday: Edneira Méndez Salas and Ramón A. Orsini López

EdneiraRamon-18 We have a small obsession this couple. Not only are they both gorgeous but their engagement story will melt your heart! Thank you Jose Ruiz Photography for sharing this amazing couple with us.

Check back on Friday for their spectacular wedding.

From the Bride...Ramon told me he had an important work dinner where I had to accompany him ( by custom, his job requires the use  of ' suits', so I got dressed rather elegantly . When we arrived at the restaurant, the host (who knew of the surprise ) led us to the activity room where the work dinner was supposed to take place. Upon entering the room, I saw all of our family and closest friends, they all started to hum the wedding march.  At that point I started to freak out, I did not know how to react. Immediately a video started playing with pictures of the best moments of our relationship for the past 5 years. When the video ended, everyone was holding letters that read " YOU ARE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE". I read the sentence aloud and then my dad ( with a bouquet of red roses ) and the youngest son of one of my best friends ( with a box ), started walking towards me. This is when I began to cry and tremble with emotion. At that moment Ramon began to say many beautiful things (he is a man who NEVER speaks publicly) eventually he knelt down and said these exact words " Edneira Mendez, will you marry me? " My answer: "OF COURSE! ".

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