Engagement Wednesday: Melissa Marty and Nelson Rosa

Photographer: Siul Martinez Everyone in Puerto Rico knows that we treat our Beauty Queens like real royalty. So its no surprise that when Nelson Rosa decided to propose to our very own Melissa Marty, Nuestra Belleza Latina 2008 he knew he had to do something over the top. We had the pleasure of chatting with Melissa and few months ago to learn a little bit about their relationship and breathtaking proposal.

But before we get into the engagement story lets take it back a few years. Melissa and Nelson met in 10th grade as they were students at the same high school. Melissa actually introduced Nelson to his first girlfriend. Years later when they were in college and both single Melissa started realizing that she liked Nelson as more than just a best friend, so little by little she made her move.

As history would have it a few years later she won Nuestra Belleza Latina and moved to Miami, which was the beginning of what would be a very long "long distance" relationship. Nelson eventually moved to Philadelphia for work while Melissa remained in Miami and a few years later she would move to LA, which would make their distance even longer. As with any relationship they had their ups and downs, at one point they even broke up. During that break she realized she needed to figure things out with him so she decided to jump on a plane and go to Philadelphia to confront him, but things didn't work out as she expected, so she went back to LA. He didn't know she was gone until he got home and found a letter from her. At that point she was already on a flight back to LA. A few months later he surprised her in LA to clear things up, a few months after that they made up and towards the end of last year he finally moved to LA.

Now we get to the good stuff. The day prior to the engagement her supervisor called her and said she needed her to cover an interview with Ricky Martin (her dream job!) the next morning, she explained that the interview would happen in Temecula at 6am so they had gotten her a hotel. She asked Nelson to go with her as she didn't want to make the long drive alone. Little did she know that he had planned it all and sadly Ricky Martin would not be there, but even better he was about to propose!

From the Bride to Be...The morning of the "interview" we arrived at the hotel and we noticed there was no one there. A few minutes went by and I was starting to get worried that I had missed the call time. I even called the contact number they had given me but no one answered. When we checked with the front desk they didn't even have a room under my name! Finally Nelson decide to check out the area around the hotel to see if he saw any crew, eventually he came back and told me he saw some people in the area and we should go check it out. As we are approaching I noticed that there was a hot air ballon, once we get there a gentlemen asked if we were the "Nelson Rosa Party", Nelson said yes and started filling out some paperwork. I was very confused about what was happening but then remembered that two days prior he had suggested I get a manicure, and all of a sudden everything started to fall into place. After this things are a little of a blur, I remember going to the bathroom for a last minute check and even grabbing some tissues because I knew that if the proposal was about to happen I would be crying! 

Once we were in the air it was like a dream, like the kind of stories you read in books. At one point we were surrounded by clouds and I looked at Nelson and said "We are literally inside the clouds" and at that moment he got down on one knee. He said so many beautiful things, amongst them "you make me happier than I ever thought I could be and if you let me I will spend the rest of my life trying to make you feel the same way". These are the exact same words Chandler told Monica on the show Friends when he proposed, this just so happens to be my favorite show, needles to say I said "YES!". When we arrived back to land I noticed my good friend and photographer Siul Martinez was there to capture the entire moment with my friend Paola Matias. We spent the rest of the day wine tasting and feeling like we were on cloud nine. 

We want to thank Melissa's wedding planner Yaska Crespo for the introduction, we can't wait to see the wedding!

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