Engagement Wednesday: Vanessa Velez and Enuel Viera

cover We are really excited about today's couple, we have actually featured some of the bride's work on the blog! We are in love with their love story so we knew we had to convince the lovely bride to let us share it with you. We have known Vanessa for only a short time but her joie de vivre and giddy personality makes it easy to see why Enuel fell in love with her.

Vanessa and Enuel have known each other since Vanessa was 15, but they reconnected during her first year in college. He was visiting from NY and he happen to be staying with her best friend, as soon as she saw him she gave him a huge hug and Enuel was immediately smitten. He fell in love with her bubbly personality and excitement for life. After a weekend of hanging out with mutual friends Enuel went back to NY but not before asking their mutual friend for her phone number. As soon as he got home she was his first call and like they say...they rest is history.

Vanessa and Enuel got married 5 years ago, and back then they decided to renew they vows every 5 years. Last year they had their first vow renewal.

From the Bride...When we got married five years ago we made a promise to renew our vows every five years, to us it meant making a commitment to be there for each other always and to always remind each other of our love and romance. We wanted to be able to always feel connected and it became even more special because we got to celebrate with our beautiful daughter born from our marriage.

That you to Jesart Photography for the photos.

Both Vanessa and Enuel are amazing wedding photographers in PR. Click here to see Vanessa's work and here to see Enuel's work, and come back on Friday to check out they super fun and emotional vow renewal!


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