Engagement Wednesday: Veronica Marcantoni and Brian Nevers

cover One of our favorite parts about having a wedding blog is that we get to feature all of our friends gorgeous engagements and weddings! We have known todays bride since kindergarden! Long time right?

Like many busy young professionals now a days, Veronica and Brian met online a few years ago and after many emails back and forth they finally decided to meet. Brian made the first move asking Veronica out to dinner, halfway through dinner they could both tell something clicked. Veronica immediately knew she didn't want the date to end so instead of having dessert at the restaurant she suggested going to a local ice cream shop so they could continue getting to know each other. And as they say, the rest is history.

Veronica's engagement story is straight out of a fairytale (honestly, where is our prince charming?!?).

From the Bride...On a Friday afternoon, while working at the hospital, little did I know what Brian was planning at home. As I was getting ready to leave work after a long day, I got a text asking me to come outside as Brian was picking me up for dinner. I went downstairs in my scrubs and got into the car not knowing where we were going. As we drove home, Brian got off a different exit than normal. Not thinking much of it, I assumed we were going to a new restaurant. All of a sudden, he pulls into the airport. I was confused and asked where we were going, to which Brian replied with a smile "I never said dinner was in Columbus". 

He then took me to Chicago, the city where we had our first trip together a year earlier. After stopping at our favorite pizza joint, we called it a night. I had no clue what Brian was planning. The next day, we ventured out visiting the local sites. Eventually, sitting down to rest along the Chicago River at the Centennial Fountain where Brian got down on one knee and proposed!

Later that evening, we had dinner at our favorite restaurant and raced to the airport to catch the last flight out so that I could be back at work the next morning. Our flight got delayed 3 hours and was finally canceled at midnight. Being the amazing man he is, Brian rented out a car and drove all night so that I could get to work on time... at 6 am. I made it!

Thank You to Jose Ruiz Photography for the amazing pictures, come back on Friday for the gorgeous wedding photos.

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