Love Story: Amaris Torres and Juan Emmanuel Parra

coverHi Lovies! Today we have a super special love story to share. As we all know Puerto Rico is a small island, and some how everyone seems to be connected. If you move from Puerto Rico to NYC chances are that at one point or another you will we like to say "Puerto Rico es bien pequeño!"

I met today's couple a few years back at a mutual friends B-Day party. I immediately clicked with Amaris as she is the nicest and sweetest girl ever and it turns out that I recognized Juan because we went to the same gym...small world! From the moment I met them you could tell they were the real deal, I have never seen a guy be more attentive with his girl...honestly they are one of the cutest couples ever (these pictures clearly show that!).

Amaris and Juan met in 2005 when they were both back in high school. They met at a club and after a night of dancing Amaris mentioned how hot it was and that she was thirsty, like her price charming 5 min later Juan showed up with a bottle of water (great move!). After about 5 months of Juan being very persistent they became boyfriend/girlfriend. It happened on the night of July 14, 2005 in Old San Juan, about an hour after he gave her a greeting card declaring his love and warning her that he would ask her some question later.

Fast forward to 2013 and Juan knew it was time to propose, I will let Amaris take it over from here to share their super adventurous engagement story.

From the Bride to Be...Last January (2013), Emmanuel told me that we were going skydiving in PR to celebrate my 26th birthday. I said NO, because I couldn't afford to take time off from work at that time. Besides, who wants to make a big deal out of birthday #26? He said that everything had been figured out already, including asking for my vacation days (!!!). As if that wasn't enough suspense, all of a sudden my friends became great liars. They made me believe that they didn't even know that I was going to PR. To me, that could only mean that there was no surprise party planned (or that they had become great liars, which-in my mind- was unlikely), and of course that stressed me out (and everyone else around me).

We had so much fun celebrating my birthday that waking up so early the next day to go skydiving was tough. In the car on the way there, I was still half asleep. And this could not have been better for his plan, because I missed all the hints that were given to me by mistake. After waiting long hours for the skies to clear, we were able to jump out of the plane. As I recovered from the greatest adrenaline rush of my life, I though that I was approaching the end of the ride, only to see a banner on the ground in the middle of the runway that said: "Chiquita, Nos Casamos?". And my Prince Charming was standing next to it, with the support of our loved ones. This time I said YES without thinking twice. The pictures speak for the remainder of the most spectacular day of my life.

Amaris and Juan are getting married in Puerto Rico this weekend and we wish them nothing but many many more years of happiness, love and fun adventures. Thank you to Claudette Montero for the pictures.

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