Lust or Must: Invitations

engrave Engraved vs. Flat Printed Invitations

Engraving your wedding invitations gives your stationery a tactile, upscale air. But for the fraction of the price, you can select flat printed options that, with the help of new high-fidelity presses, have such vivid detail they have the luxe look of hand painting.

Lust: Engraved wedding invitation, $1,227 for 100 invitations, Paperless Post

Must: Flat printed wedding invitation; $447 for 100 invitations, Paperless Post


Foil vs. Gold Ink Invitations

Metallics make any invite more festive. The design on the left was created by hand pressing foil to copper plates. Using gold ink instead, on the right, can save you lots.

Lust: Foil letterpress wedding invitation, $1,400 for 100 invitations, Kamal for Bella Figura

Must: Letterpress wedding invitation with gold ink details, $1,145 for 100 invitations, Elizabeth and David Mandel for Bella Figura