Real Weddings: Beatriz Lopez and Christian Cruz

Photographer: Stephanie SegarraHappy Friday Darlings! As everyone is getting ready for the weekend we wanted to leave you with a very unique and modern wedding. Beatriz and Christian met when they were in school in the Dominican Republic at Los Altos de Chavon School of Design. However it wasn't until after they graduated that they actually started dating, the funny part is that is all started online. Christian was in NY studying at Parsons and Beatriz was back in Puerto Rico. They decide to continue the relationship because she was moving to New York the following year to study at Parsons as well. They took the time apart to really get to know each other, especially since all they did was talk. One of their fondest memories is the first time he went to PR to visit her, when they kissed for the first time they were so nervous they both went in too fast and ended hitting their teeth!

When it came to designing their wedding Beatriz knew she didn't want the traditional big wedding. She wanted something intimate, with friends and family. She wanted it to be laid back and to feel more like a family get together than a wedding. She even decide to forgo the traditional floral centerpieces for something more unexpected.

From the Bride...I definitely wasn’t into flowers, I was into plants, green, zen, succulents. Originally the wedding was going to be at The Dorado Beach Plantation, so I thought everything matched the atmosphere there. In the end we changed the wedding to December and decided to do it at Restaurante Antonios.  I still liked the ideas of using plants in the centerpieces as opposed to flowers, however now I wanted them in gold! So, I decided on “monsteras” plants painted in gold with tall glass vases with floating candles. I wanted to add a touch of red but wasn't into roses, however thats what we ended going with in the end. I wanted everything to look minimalist and clean. I wanted it to look more like a nice evening dinner than a wedding. In the end it turned out very 40’s glam looking. It wasn’t what I was going for, but I loved it!

Beatriz is the designer for the fashion brand CONSUELO. She even designed her own wedding gown!

IMG_0029 IMG_0082 IMG_0135 IMG_0163 IMG_0187 IMG_0318 IMG_0352 IMG_0425 IMG_0462 IMG_0484 IMG_0624 IMG_0644 IMG_0648 IMG_0671 IMG_0795 IMG_0852 IMG_0888 IMG_0891 IMG_0980 IMG_0993 IMG_1012 IMG_1116 IMG_1238 IMG_1248 IMG_1301IMG_1178IMG_1164Photographer: Stephanie Segarra / Dress: CONSUELO / Hair and Makeup: Raiza Gonzalez Montes / Venue: Restaurante Antonios / Decor: Creative Creations / Music: DJ Rockhand / Cake: Linda Rosa / Invitations: Ello There (Etsy)