Real Weddings: Anaís Sánchez and José Carlos Quiñones

cover Get ready for glam overload! From the bride's Monique Lhuillier Gown and gorgeous head piece to the candlelight reception and stunning cake this wedding is all about glamour.

From the Bride...The silver tones and glitter and white and blush colors reflect my quiet  yet outgoing personality. It felt like an intimate affair, although we had more than 200 people, you could feel the love and happiness the room. We parties until one in the morning and finished the event by serving all our guests a traditional chicken asopa'o.

Fun Fact: The couple met in China even though they are both from Puerto Rico!

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Photographer: Pablo Diaz / Videographer: Braulio Bernardy / Planner and Decorator: Lillian Fonseca / Dress: Monique Lhuillier / Shoes: Christian Louboutin and Stuart Weitzman / Hair and Makeup: Delmaliz Díaz, D'Liz Salon / Ceremony Venue: Capilla La Sagrada Familia / Ceremony Music: Ana Isabelle / Reception Venue: Hotel La Concha / Reception Music: Pedró Capó, Grupo Saraba, Joseph Fonseca, Grupo Yuvi Plena / Cake: Marely Enriquez