Engagement Wednesday: Leslie Y. Vega and Darwin José Marrero

Todays engagement is full of romance! We are not only in love with this couple but the unusual location as well! They chose  the old abandoned Sugar Mill at Aguirre in Salinas as the perfect backdrop for their vintage-rustic inspired shoot. 

Leslie and Darwin have known each other since they were 15! Through the years they lost touch but thanks to her brother and Faebook they reconnected again in 2007. Darwin was studying at Harvad, but after three months of writing letters, long phone calls and skype he took a plane back to Puerto Rico to ask Leslie to be his girlfriend. After a year and half Darwin graduated from college and came back to Puerto Rico and they have been together ever since. 

From the Bride…On December, 2012 we  took a trip to NY. On a stroll tough Central Park we came across a beautiful pergola where a man was playing the saxophone harmoniously. I  asked my friend to take a picture of me and Darwin. What I wasn’t expecting was that  Darwin was waiting for that special moment to ask me to be his wife.  And at NY City’s Central Park at the most beautiful location he got on one knee and asked me  to be marry him. Luckily, I  gave my camera away to my  friend and she captured that special moment. 

Darwin sounds like such a romantic! These pictures truly show the love and passion in their relationship. Thank You Nilka Gissell for sharing.