Engagement Wednesday: Mariangel Cardona and Saul David Matos

cover We love today's couple...they are simply the cutest!

Engagement shoots can get a little boring, so its always fun to do a theme! Mariangel and Saul decided to do their version of winter in PR. Thank you to Keila Nieves for the great shots!

From the Photographer: When Mariangel contacted me about her wintery themed engagement session, I was 100% on deck with her ideas. In Puerto Rico we don’t have snow in the winter, but Mariangel wanted something with that theme. So we went for a wintery picnic. Everything she wanted, was everything I love to shoot and similar to what I choose for my own personal projects! As I said we don’t have snow but we made sure to make something that meet Mariangle expectations. So we did a wintery picnic with white sheets and a lot of pine cones. All was perfect. I feel completely blessed to have been hired for this. All of my efforts to moving into the direction of fairytale imagery, have led me to awesome clients like this!

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