Gifts for the Gals

What girl doesn’t like some fun gifts? When it comes to thanking your bridesmaids you want to give them a fun, meaningful and memorable gift. One they can use for years to come. Enter Kate Spade, one of every fashionistas favorite designer. We are obsessed with their collection of bridesmaids gift as they have something for every special girl in your life. 

If you are looking for a universal gift for all your gals we suggest going with the “Wedding Belles Bon Shopper Tote” as it is perfect for weekend, travel and even the beach. If you want something a little more special choose a different gift for each lady that represents her individually!

1. Bridesmaids Idom Bangle  2. Skinny Mini Bow Studs 3. Bridesmaids Gia Cosmetics Bag 4. Sailor’s Knot Bracelet 5. Wedding Belles Bon Shopper