Website We Love: Blue Print Registry

042114-bridal-registry-480 Let's face it, registering for a wedding can be a little bit of a pain, especially in today's world where there are SO many options. What if there was a place that would allow you to choose items from all your favorite stores yet track them all from one site?

Guess what? There is! And its called The Blueprint Registry. This site allows you to register from anywhere on the internet and keep one centralized database of everything. Long are the days of having to go store by store armed with a scan gun, now you can do everything from the comfort of your own home. Even better you can organize your list by room, it even lets you search items according to your personal style making it easier to find things to love.

Now here is where it gets even better, you can create a "cash registry"! And what is this you may ask? You can create different events which your guests can buy for you and in turn you get the cash. For example, you can create and event called "Dinner for Two at Serafina $150" some one can purchase this item from your registry and in turn you receive $150 cash. The site also allows you to create "group gifts" for those very expensive gifts. Lets say no one can afford that $1,000 couch you are dying to get for your living room, the site allows you to break the price down into as many guests as you wish, this way your friends and family can join together to get you that must have item!

Check out the site now and thank me later!