Natalia Liriano 


Unique, stylish, creative floral and event designer. 

Hi, I'm Natalia and I'd like to  help make your wedding amazing! The road that led me to wedding planning was long and winding.  After several years working into a corporate event planner role, where I organized large international business conferences, commercial product launches, legal seminars and corporate sponsored social events.  During those years in the corporate world, I perfected my ability to think quickly and creatively under pressure with a smile on my face the entire time.  It was through my corporate connections that I booked my first wedding planning client, and while at their wedding, I knew I had found my home...  I realized that weddings are the perfect marriage (no pun intended) of the things I'm good at (organization, communication, and cooperation) at and the things I love (beauty, happiness, and parties). So, I began Natalia Liriano, Wedding Planner & Design establish in San Juan, Puerto Rico